Friday, December 14, 2007

Say Whaaat!

Say Whaaat! show was last night. I didn't stay long at all because I'm wicked sick right now, but it seemed pretty cool and I managed to get a few photos despite my wonky ass camera.

Definitely parked on money Water St. Love it down there.

M Street. Georgetown.

Good crowd on hand. It was so crowded that homeboy at the door wouldn't let me in until I made him check the list a second time. Good music too. Props to the DJ, whoever he was.

The toys.

It was cool to see so many different approaches by the different artists. A few of them made me think about how to step to one next time...

Dig the pistola.

That snake was pretty rad.



Emily Greene Liddle's submission. She actually based her toy off one of her paintings which is of a strawberry with a massive hook through it. Good idea and she definitely killed it!

There's my boy by the middle pillar.

He's all grow'd up and out in the world.

Thanks again to Dan and Kickballers for the opportunity. Next up: Art Whino show tonight. Can't wait!

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