Friday, December 21, 2007

Art Whino Show - December

Here are some photos from the Justin Lovato show at Art Whino. I had a few beers (many thanks to Tom and his friend Rick, I believe!) and my camera is jacked up at the moment so you'll have to put up with blurry photos and poor presentation. Highlight of the night: Meeting Sonny Jerguson. That's right, ol' number 9 was in the house.

Lisa Selby's work. Pretty powerful stuff. Even more so in person.

That's Shane in the shadows in front of Emily Greene Liddle's work. Shane owns the joint and is a super nice guy. As are his staff. Cheers to everyone there.

Photos really don't do these justice, but these works are really beautiful. Richard Salcido.

Elstabo was in the house.

My work.

People gathering in the Justin Lovato room. He has got some really nice work up and the installation was really well done and super fresh to boot.

Garry Booth's work. Love this stuff. Everytime I see it, I dig in my pockets looking for some scratch so I can purchase one, but no luck. I gotta get in touch with him to see if he would remotely consider a trade or something. I gotta have one.

Rick Reese's work. I get the same feelings as above when I see his stuff.

Thanks again to Shane and the Art Whino staff. See you again in January!
Happy Holidays and all that.

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