Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wall Mountables Show

The show opening came and went and fun was had by all. Thanks to everyone who came out. My camera is acting a little wonky, but here are a few pictures from the event....

My numbers. I "acquired" these Lucite wonders from a gas station one day when I was vacuuming out the ol' jam jar. Thanks to Gary for teaching me Cockney slang for car. Anyway, I figure they rape me with their gas prices everyday and that a little getback was in order. I like how they turned out and they were received with enthusiasm. It was a pleasure talking to a lot of different people about them.

These are my eggs that were a lot of fun to do. I'll admit that I'll miss them hanging to dry in my studio though. I won't miss walking into them though when it was dark and I forgot they were there. That's what I get for hanging them head high. At any rate, this show has a $100 prize for "best use of space" and I thought my eggs were a shoe-in....

...And this is the guy who runs the joint announcing that I did not win the prize. Instead, they selected an artist who installed a bathroom medicine cabinet with some photos inside. I didn't check them out because I was a little bitter. It shouldn't be a competitive thing and I should be happy for that artist, but I'm a petty person and I wanted the Benjamin, baby.

My wife Chelsea in the foreground and her sister, Erin, behind her. We all had a good time and I was glad that they came. Right after I took this picture, Erin asked me to see how it came out and just as I was turning it around to show her the screen, I dropped the camera. I managed to catch right before it hit the ground but the beer in my hand went everywhere and soaked this one dude and others sadly caught shrapnel as well. I felt like an ass and if that guy is reading this, I apologize. Again.

Erin telling us something outside of the gallery. That's my brother-in-law, Matt, in the foreground. He's got rad Montreal stories to share and good movies on his iPhone.

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