Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Squirrels are no joke....

I was out on my deck this morning and witnessed the coolest chase scene I have ever scene. There were about 10-12 squirrels and they were all going after this one who was doing his best to elude the pack. It was crazy though because most of the chase took place in the trees where these crumbsnatchers were not only going up down them but leaping like 6 feet between some of them. it was so graceful and chaotic at the same time. Crazy. Then I got to thinking like "What did the one squirrel do to piss the others off so bad?" Seriously, in the squirrel world, what could one do to enrage such a large number of his peers. I have my theories but I'm keeping them to myself.

In the midst of all of squirrel watching, I am also taking a break from painting for a couple of weeks. We are moving and things are hectic right now. Besides, all of my things are at the new house. I am going to draw a bunch though and will maybe post some of those.


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