Friday, September 22, 2006

Finish Line

Whew! I've been working hard trying to finish this piece for the GRACE show submission deadline and I'm happy to say that, in the eleventh hour, I completed it and submitted it and three others this morning. What a ride. Very fun, but very tiring.

Here's a couple shots of it:

Taking a Dip in the Pool of Suck
Acrylic/Mixed media on wood board
12" x 26"

Here's a detail:

I'm taking the night off from painting and am going to recharge for the weekend. I have a few ideas floating around my bean for the next painting and want to take the time to sketch them out and get the major elements just right. The minor things tend to sort themselves out as "happy accidents" and I'm cool with that seeing as though I'm a bit of a control freak.

So that's all for now. The ballgame was a great time despite the result but when your team is in last place in the division and twenty games under .500, you kind of go into the park with low expectations. There really is no better way to spend good times with your little girl than at a ballgame though. We had a blast.

Oh, I have another lacrosse game this weekend. I play in a men's indoor league and we had a "friendly" last weekend and did pretty well. Once we gel a little bit and learn how eachother get down, we could be a contender. Plus, we have these boss jerseys and our team name is Reston Monkeyhouse in honor of the Ebola outbreak in '89. We're also getting some shorts made up with a cool mad monkey logo on them. I'll post pictures once we get them.

Oh- is going to be back up very soon. Stay tuned.....

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