Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Show, Summer Colds, and Orlando

Hello to all of my fans. I hope the two of you are doing well.

So I have to leave for Florida tomorrow and am not looking forward to it. I have a lot of work to do once I get down there and to top it all off, I have a summer cold which is the worst. I feel like crap. I'll suck it up though and try to do a little blog while I'm down there.

The show opening was last week and was a heap of fun. Chel and I went down there and went in, looked around, and then left to drink a couple of pints at The Angry Finch. Good times. Then we went back in and the joint was packed! I preceeded to drink a few PBRs and had a nice conversation with a fellow artist that I hung my work next to earlier that week during the install. She was really cool and said that I had a few fans roaming around and that they had come by while I was of course out drinking Guinness. Part of me thinks she was embellishing a bit due to her apparent level of sobriety (lackthereof really) and the fact that she kept going on and on about it. She also told to raise my prices and still insisted on it after I told her that this was my first show. Meanwhile, it was her first show as well and she was trying to sell some piece of crap 3D piece for like $400. So needless to say, I took her advice for what it was worth- not much. She did have a couple of nice pieces though and I feel a little bad for bad-mouthing her. She was nice and it was good to meet her.

I didn't get any blue dots on my labels that night, but I only saw two pieces in total that sold, so I'm not too worried about it. Here's a few pictures:

I wish the chick wasn't in the shot, but this Adams-Morgan. Great place and a very cool place to hang out on a Friday night. Lots of little bars and restaurants and lots of little bars. Did I mention the bars?

The curator announcing that I didn't win the $100 prize for Best Use of Space. Wasn't really counting on it though.

Lots of people drinking and talking. Good times.

My four little crakheads. They're all grown up now.

Mine's the black and white character with the big nose. Lots of good work at this show including a cup attached to the wall by a piece of string that had a label on it asking for "Pubes for Peace." Kind of funny. I was tall enough to look into the cup and didn't see any. No peace I guess.

So all in all, it was fun and I hope to do it again soon. Should find out this week or next if they picked one of my pieces for the Alexandria show.

Also, this big fella came to reside on the side of our house the other night. The picture doesn't do this joker justice. His wing span was about 6 inches and I saw him eyeing the kids. I think he could make off with one of them so I got them inside the house very quickly. I Googled him and couldn't find anything about him. Must be some South Reston mutant breed. Yikes.

Bye for now.

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