Thursday, August 03, 2006


Forgot to mention that Chel and I locked ourselves out of the house last night. We were bringing some things in from the car, went to open the door, and nothing. Wouldn't turn. The thing is, the kids were inside asleep. The moment I have been waiting for.....

So since the day we moved into this house I have been awaiting this moment as I have been dreaming of climbing up to the deck. The first part was easy. I was able to climb to the top of the fence with minimal effort to where I could stand easily. Now came the tricky part- I had to somehow get my long ass leg up high enough to get my foot onto the deck flooring while reaching up to grab the railing. I spotted the drain pipe halfway up that distance that would have been great but tested it and it was not stable. So I finally get my foot up to the deck floor (my hip flexor was taking a beating at this point and I was in flip flops which didn't help) and it keeps sliding down the deck front causing me to do a split like six feet up in the air. What the hell? I realized that many moons ago at one of our happy hours when I kind of fell into the big citronella candle (one of those jobs that are supposed to keep the mosquitos away), I knocked a bunch of hot wax out of it and it landed where I was now trying to get a foothold. I must have worn a spot of it off and was now able to get my foot to stick. Here goes nothing. I hoisted myself up with everything I had and I was over the rail like Jackie Chan. Home free. Chel might dispute the Jackie Chan part as she was able to see through to the deck from the kitchen window. Whatever. All I know is that I made it up there and for a minute, A MINUTE, I felt like a kid again and it felt good.

Coming soon: I climb the chimney up to the roof to adjust the satellite dish. Just kidding. Maybe?

Bye for now.

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