Tuesday, August 15, 2006

........and we're back.

Customs Agent: Do you have anything to declare?
Me: Yeah, don't go to Florida.

Orlando has got to be one of the worst places in the country, if not the world. I suppose if your a big fat redneck with a big fat sunburn and a big fat family and you dig water parks, it's a good place. But it is horrid otherwise. The only redeeming quality to the entire place was an Irish pub called Murphy's Arms. Had a great time there one night and drank Guinness all night with a lovely English couple. Actually, Orlando is swarming with Brits. Apparently, they save up and go there for holiday. A shame that Orlando is the barometer to which they'll measure our country up to.

On to art news....
I took the family downtown to pick up my pieces from the Wall Mountables show only to discover that I had sold one! I was hoping for better than one out of five, but it's a start and in all honesty, I was very surprised to see that not much sold there at all. Not sure why since there was a lot of great work there. Maybe it was all overpriced. I probably saw about 10-12 blue dots out of maybe 150 pieces of work. So to be one of those 10-12 is pretty flattering. My drunk friend from the opening did not sell anything including her $400 piece of rubbish. And she was telling me that I underpriced my stuff. I will be laughing all the way to the bank. Literally.

So that was a fun experience and I can't wait for the next. After a few phone calls, I learned that the jury was still reviewing the work for the Alexandria show and that we should find out in the next day or two if anything has been selected.

In addition, I am entering two pieces into another juried show that will be in Reston from September through November. I'm coming in on the tail end of the submission period so hopefully there will be some wall space left for the kid.

As promised many posts ago, I have finally taken good pictures of Old Trees for New Coin which is one of the pieces I'm entering in the Reston show. Here 'tis:

11" x 35"
Acrylic/Mixe Media on wood board

Detail 1

Detail 2

Bye for now.

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