Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wall Mountables Show

Hi. So my Nats beat the Cubbies in dramatic fashion and ended up sweeping the series which is good stuff. Monday morning I put a broom on my co-worker's desk who happens to be from Chicago to remind him that his boys got swept. Still funny....

I just got back (literally) from installing my pieces in DC for the Wall Mountables show which opens this Friday night 7-9pm. If anyone is in Adams-Morgan then and wants to see some good work, stop by. Like anyone is reading this....

Here's the postcard:

It was kind of nuts getting down there. I took the Metro in because I didn't want to contend with parking but as it turns out, the train was crazy busy and there were multiple parking spots right in front of the gallery. Go figure. I got there and was snaked on some spaces by some guy who was waiting for me to go get tape for my space assignment slips (we were supposed to tape them to the wall so as to call dibs for the spot). That was kind of shady, but I ended up getting some better spots instead so it all worked out. I hung my pieces and got to talking with this really nice woman who was hanging next to me which was cool. She had some really nice work and honestly, the whole place was filling up with good stuff. I can't wait for the opening. Should be fun.

Bye for now.

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