Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On the Mend

Post pitbull attack. Notice the three straw drain in her chest. She's now the family juicebox. Poor Gia...

The good news is Gia is doing much better and is making a speedy recovery. It was quite a weekend though as we had to take her back to the emergency vets and the entire thing ended up costing us about $1450. Without going into details, it was paid back to us so I guess that's good news too.

As for some art news (there hasn't been much of that here), I have been painting quite a bit and have entered three pieces into a juried show which will run sometime in September in Alexandria. Should find out if any were selected the week of August 1st. Stay tuned.

I also have the DCAC "Wall Mountables" show in a few weeks which is an open show but is a good starting place and a decent event to put on a resume. I have four little framed pieces for that and hopefully they will sell. Having not sold a piece of art yet, they will be priced fairly low. I need to build a base while staying reasonable.

So, that's about it for now. I am still website-less and it's driving me nuts for some reason. I like having my site and I'm starting to miss it. I have an offer for free hosting which I'd like to jump on but it's been tough trying to connect with my guy. So, hopefully soon.

Bye for now.

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