Thursday, June 22, 2006

When F!@#$%# Pitbulls Attack

So I'm trying to get a little exercise today after work by shooting some hoops up at the neighborhood court, right? Well despite the heat, I decided to take my dog, Gia, with me to get her out of the house. We're walking along the backs of these houses right near the court and I hear this dog barking. I didn't think much of it since dogs in houses bark at Gia and me all the time whilst walking. All of the sudden, a loud ruckus accompanies my seeing a screen door being blasted off its tracks and this crazy ass pitbull come charging at us. Next thing I know, it's a canine tornado as the two start fighting to the death. Sadly, the other dog got the better of Gia and was on top of her like a savage. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to try and grab the dog because I didn't want to get bit and my attempts of alerting someone by yelling, "HEY!!! COME GET YOUR DOG!!!!" about four times wasn't working so I threw the basketball at this bastard. Nothing. Luckily, the ball (my new one that I got for Father's Day- thanks Chel) bounced right back to me and this time I really cocked back and nailed him again. This snapped him out of it but then he looked at me and I thought I was going to have a little man vs. beast thing going on. Not the case thankfully. He started trotting back to his house, which is when Gia started to go after him. I yelled at her to "come" before she reached him and he went up some stairs to his deck and Gia came back to me.

I took her home and after a quick damage assessment, I had to take her to a emergency room vet due to a semi-large hole in her chest which was see-through to her innards. I ended up dropping $811.12. However, they assured me that she will be just fine and that we can probably get her tomorrow.

Next: Contacting the owners. Stay tuned.

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